05 September 2007

Australian volunteer health check

Five people have visited the hospital in Thailand of the 17 volunteers I came to Laos with.
  • One had a broken arm x-rayed and plastered after a motorbike collision with an intoxicated cop
  • One person was under observation in case their infected throat got worse
  • One case of appendicitis
  • One ankle was x-rayed and plastered as the ligaments in a dodgy snapped whilst walking
  • One fell through some rocks in Thailand and needed wounds dressed

From other Australian volunteers while I've been here:

  • I've heard of one case of dengue
  • I've heard of one case of leptospirosis which is a parasitic disease

Aside from that- I think most people have got food poisoning. Some not more frequent than the locals including me. A fair few people have had general colds including me.

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