27 December 2007

Thai massage

I've had a few Thai massages over my few trips to Thailand. I really do like them. I usually pay between 180 to 250 baht. Each massage shop seems to have their own massage routine so every massage is unique. Usually the older the masseuse, the stronger the massage will be because they are more confident and don't mind inflicting pain on you so much. The only place I find it hurts is on my legs. I've not had a male masseuse in Thailand yet, thought I've had a couple in Laos. Here are the most interesting moves I've come across:
  • Being bent over backwards over the masseuse's knees with my the top of my head on their stomach
  • Having an elbow dug into my bum and thighs- this is one of the moves that hurts me
  • Masseuse's foot pressing on my inner thigh whilst they are pulling my leg
  • Masseuse puts palm together like you do when you're praying and pushing upward into my tailbone
  • Sitting down being bent over frontwards with the masseuse holding my wrists and stretching my arms outwards so that her torso in full contact with mine

I would not recommend getting a Thai massage if you are particular about your personal space!

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