13 June 2007

Hmong return to Laos

Below are two articles about the Hmong people who are returning to Lao from Thailand. Some Hmong people supported the US in the Vietnam war and the government can't seem to handle this. Have a look to see how different the articles are even though both are reporting about the same event. Note that Lao does officially have an office for propaganda. It is called the 'Propaganda and Training Committee of Central Committee'. One article is from the Vientiane Times and the other is from the Brisbane Times.

Vientiane Times

Laos welcomes Hmong returnees

'Lao authorities have welcomed back another group of Lao Hmong from Thailand , who had been detained in Thai prisons as illegal migrants for several months.'

Brisbane Times

Hmong vow to resist repatriation to Laos

'LEADERS of 8000 Hmong people in a refugee camp in Thailand have vowed to fight deportation to Laos, where they say they will be tortured because their relatives backed the US in the Vietnam War.'

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