11 July 2007

Do you believe in ghosts?

When my workmates asked me this, I told them that I wasn’t sure. They said that after someone dies their spirit will still be around the house for three days. All this talk of ghosts in Laos has almost made me start to believe!

A guy at work went to Japan for a training program. He was typing on the computer when he saw things moving in the room. He thought oh, it’s just a ghost, and went back to typing. When it happened the second time he started quickly packing all his things. The Japanese guy he was telling laughed because you’re supposed to get out as soon as possible during an earthquake and not be packing things. When he looked outside everything was normal and everyone was still walking around. Some other participants on the training program from other Asian countries would not sleep by themselves in a room that night.

Alternative afternoon tea- chilli hot green papaya salad. Some guy at work said he ate it to wake himself up. I tried a bit and he had it made very hot. Seems a few people eat it in the afternoon. People sweat while they eat it but they keep pushing on.

My housemate went to a North Korean restaurant for dinner last night with her South Korean friends. Before she went, we had concluded that it would be South Koreans with recipes from the north. We were wrong. This was a genuine North Korean restaurant run by the North Korean government. She said the food has simpler flavours than South Korean food and had the opportunity to try North Korean style dog. The most interesting thing about her experience was that the waiters and waitresses went and got changed and put on an hour long show involving singing.

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