15 January 2008

Lao wedding 3

I went to a Lao wedding reception at the same place I had the other two. It was a friend's brother's wedding. The bride wore hot pink Lao dress. The couple had a huge banner at the top of the stage featuring a heart- shaped photo if them.

This wedding was more intimate than the others I've been to- I'm guessing it had about 300 people. There was a lot of dancing including some older women dancing to the rap music the band was playing.

My language teacher tells me that it is necessary to pick a lucky day for the bride and groom to be married. His wife has gone to Australia to attend a wedding. The lucky day isn't apparent far in advance so his wife will stay in Australia for three months in anticipation of the wedding. She may miss the wedding if the lucky day doesn't happen within that three month period! Apparently the one getting married is the youngest son in the family. The other son's weren't as careful about picking a lucky day so it's important that this one is married on a lucky day.

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