23 March 2008

Being home

Wow, I kept this blog up for a year! I think I'm going to start another one about life in Sydney. It is good to be home. It was good to see my family and grandma. The prices haven't shocked me too much- only the fruit and vegetable prices in the supermarket which I think always shocked my anyway. It feels odd waiting in a line and I can't remember the roads around Sydney very well. Good to see my friends too.

I had a fabulous time living in Vientiane Laos. I was really, truly, happy there. I liked the fact that money doesn't matter me there, because I guess I had so much more than the general population. I was ashamed that I was even thinking about it when I returned home! I did learn a lot about foreign aid. I saw a lot of stuff that can be upsetting, but still feel things can be improved one step at a time. I liked the Australian Youth Ambassador for Development program. It does well to prepare you for your time abroad and gives you a realistic picture of what goes on before you go away. I would like to work in Laos again, but not for a while. If I came back too soon and things hadn't improved I think I'd be upset and take it personally! I would totally take a family there, if/when I ever get one. I'd like to take short- term contracts overseas, say 3-6 months, once I get more experience.

Now for a little travel before continuing my career in health and hopefully work overseas again.

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