25 March 2008

My farewell party

I hate saying goodbye so was dreading my goodbye party a little. My sister gave me some good advice and said to think of it as more a ‘see you later’ rather than a goodbye, which did help. I knew I would miss the people I had worked with. The afternoon party was good. A representative from our counterpart ministry made a bit of a speech. Some things he mentioned was that when I appeared at some seminars we organised to together people thought I was deaf because I appeared Lao but didn’t really speak! He said to consider working with people with disabilities in the future. They also gave me a certificate of appreciation signed my the minister. I can just show this when I arrive in Laos and won’t need a visa, this guy joked.

Some messages I got include ‘don’t forget me’ and ‘don’t forget to send me a wedding invitation card’. That would be awesome if they could come to my wedding if I someday get married- maybe I’ll have to have a reception in Laos!

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