07 February 2008

Articles about deafblind woman, rising health costs in America

Deafblind woman attacked
BBC has a fantastic website by people it disabilities, for people with disabilities called 'Ouch'. Reading it feels like an insight into another world. They have some bloggers with some great stories to tell including one amazing deafblind woman who's doing a PhD. Here she tells a story ' My story: deafblind street attack' which is quite scary.

High health care costs in the US
I used to work in the Australian health sector and it seemed to bag the US for spending twice as much money but when we look at them they're not looking healthier than us. This article in the NY Times argues that the high health costs aren't such a bad thing. Incomes are rising so people can afford to spend money. The can also afford higher technology health care. It also offers some ways that health care costs can be reduced.
The High Cost of Health Care.

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