14 February 2008

What I will miss about Laos

I'm going home in a month and I was whining the other day because of all the little things I'll miss here. Today my mindset has changed because I know I really have to go home because I've done what I have to do here and it's time to move on.

Things I will miss
  • The Lao food- so delicious and healthy
  • The kind and friendly people who know that there's never a need to be rude
  • Laughing and fun in the office- so rare where I've worked!
  • Window shopping at the markets for Lao textiles
  • Eating enough fruit and vegetables- they aren't afraid to eat them raw and have many delicious ways of cooking veggies
  • Not having hayfever here! It's so bad in Sydney but cleared up here perhaps due to humid air, cleaner air or less processed food
  • Getting exercise easily by riding my bike around town, doing cheap and convenient netball and aerobics
  • The people at my work, of course, whom all have had amazing experiences and some are particularly good people
  • The weather- I like it hot!
Things I won't miss
  • The smell and smoke in my room from neighbours burning rubbish, plastic included
  • Being harder to access services like cash, health services
  • Seeing so many accidents on the roads
  • Seeing that life's tough for people here, but I least know I know and can hopefully do more about it
  • Not being able to complain about the government openly
Things to incorporate into Sydney life
  • Eating on the floor when guests come around- no need to worry about having enough chairs
  • Eating more raw foods like they do here saving cooking time including beans, mint, coriander, cabbage
  • Trying to use my bicycle for transport more
  • Not participating in road rage- no such thing in Laos!
  • Trying to get out to explore NSW on the weekends a bit more, like I try to do here
I will miss you Laos, but I will be back.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Sabaidee.

If you miss Laos, visit my website at http://samakomlao.blogspot.com.

Update daily :)

tommy20s said...

I miss Laos too! I spent time just outside
of Vientiane and it was wonderful. I wrote about it at www.thememes.com