06 February 2008

Chicken fighting

If I ever want to participate in chicken fighting, I can, because my Lao counterpart has given me all I need to know.
  • Selecting a good chicken is important. You need to check the back of it's neck, the wings and the neck to make sure it's strong.
  • You should feed it a special diet of egg mixed with paddy rice and then dried. Feeding it vegetables is important too.
  • It needs to exercise. My counterpart made a chicken running machine comprising a cylinder with a handle. He also puts the chicken in the water so that it flaps about for exercise. He places the chicken down a large tube and it exercises by trying to get out.
  • If it's not winning, trade it in!
He mentioned that some people seal the chicken's wounds during a fight by putting a hot iron in it, but he thinks that's going to far. He also boasted that his best chickens can take out another with just one kick.

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