05 February 2008

The shooting range

I went to the shooting range in Vientiane. I was a bit scared, but a few friends have been, so I thought 'why not'. It’s quite open, and when I walked in I saw someone using an air rifle and another shooting a really loud gun. I had a go of using the rifle. The woman loads the bullets for you one at a time. They cost 15000 kip for five. Pity I didn't really understand the woman's instructions of how to use the rifle and ended up completely missing the target. They put the target, which is a piece of thin cardboard on a string and draw it down the range. The particular gun I used was from the 'USSR' and the other I saw was from 'West Germany'. The boys sat there with their rifles and five bullets and waited for the woman to load the bullets. She never did, so they just had a go themselves.

The other cheap bullets are the handgun ones which cost 17000 kip for give. This is less accurate than the rifle but really easy to use. I'm not sure what other guns you can use but their bullets are around 20000 to 30000 kip which is probably a bit out of my price range. It's quite a casual setup with a small dog wandering around between the guy with the air rifle and the target. There is a small bar there too but I really hope the don't serve alcohol.

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