14 February 2008

News about Lao

There has been heaps of international news about Laos this week. Here is the main news:

  • Laos denies that a 'Chinatown' to be home to 50, 000 Chinese families will be built, even though I've heard heaps of rumours about it. Read here
  • Bird flu in Luang Nam Tha Province, read here
  • Africans approaching Filipinos in Vientiane to smuggle drugs, read here
  • Human rights concerns relating to the Hmong people in Laos. They are being shot and killed in the forests, read here
  • Counterfeit malaria drugs made in Southern China and being sold in Laos among other places. They found pollen in the drugs so they could tell which region of China it came from. Read here and here

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