07 February 2008

Economics and disability

My major studies were in economics and while I've never worked in the field, but always use economics it to make decisions in everyday work and life. Here are some articles I found interesting that are a look through the lens of economics into the field I work in, disability.

This article is titled 'The Decision to Abort When Faced with a Down Syndrome Diagnosis'. These guy wrote this article co- wrote quite a popular book called 'Freakonomics' and sadly his son was sick and was faced with the possibility of becoming deaf but instead died.

Another article is about the unintended consequences of anti- discrimination laws in the US. They actually cause less employment of people with disabilities. It makes it so hard to fire them that they don't want to employ them in the first place. Logical when you think about it.
FREAK-TV: Is the Law of Unintended Consequences the Strongest Law Around?

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